What Does Smaller Government Really Mean?

Smaller government is the foundation upon which conservative political philosophy is built. In this multi-part series, we’ll look at exactly what smaller government really means. Summary of What Smaller Government Means Reduced Spending - hard dollar reductions in government expenditures year over year. Fewer Regulations - at the end of 2016 there were 178,277 pages of … [Read more...]

How Many Times Do You Pay Taxes – EACH DAY?

Leave me alone! It is such a simple concept, but one so burdened with contempt. Interestingly, liberals at once demand a complete lack of judgment or infringement by any one person to any other, yet they also seek to take more and more of our personal freedom through legislation and judicial fiat. Ah, the dichotomy of the modern liberal. On closer examination, we see that … [Read more...]

Liberty Can Prevail – Lessons from the Past

How will we win?  How will we take back our country? Our government has become a fraud.  It is a corruption of the worst kind: that which is bred by not only ideologues, but power-hungry ideologues.  This is obvious to anyone who dares look toward Washington with even a hint of objectivity.  The government has become all powerful.  The States are subjugated completely, the … [Read more...]