Stick a Silver Fork in Socialism

I love this from Rachel Marsden: "Well, it’s finally happened. Once again, socialism has put a silver fork in itself. Standard & Poor's has downgraded France’s AAA credit rating, giving the country side-eye on claims to have its debt under control. This means the country will now have to pay it all back at an even higher interest rate. Who are we kidding? No one’s … [Read more...]

The Fourth Cataclysm – A Changing America

Through US history, there have been a few cataclysmic shifts in how we live.  The first, most obvious, was the Civil War.  In the post-war era, life changed dramatically both culturally and economically as the country adapted.  The second was the Great Depression.  That people lived through the Depression, by itself, was not the reason for the shift; it was political.  … [Read more...]

Is Everyone On Crazy Pills?

This is re-printed with permission…a fantastic piece…Thanks, Bobby for your passion and patriotism! Written by: Robert Johns, concerned US Citizen It is a sad state of affairs when illness could strike any one of us and bankrupt our families even with health insurance.  One thing both sides of the aisle agree upon is we need health care reform.  Our dollar is depreciating … [Read more...]

Liberal Myths Debunked

Obamacare has done one good thing: it has created a situation where conservatives and libertarians are no longer opposed to individual government policy initiatives, rather it has created solidarity against government expansion in general.  Virtually everything the Obama White House has done, or is threatening to do, is making this solidarity stronger.  With each passing day, … [Read more...]