Congress is Lying or is Inept – Which is Worse?

I have been calling my Congressman relentlessly since Congress decided to go Socialist. In the latest reply from Gerry Connolly, I really got fired up. I am so tired of hearing Barrack Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the others explain that a competitive public option will help Americans and our health care issues. Since when does the Government have to "compete" with the … [Read more...]

The Enchanted Question – Obama’s Real Answer

Jeff Zeleny should be nominated for a Pulitzer.  His question to Obama at the Wednesday night (4/29/09) press conference was priceless: During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office, enchanted you the most about serving this in office, humbled you the most and troubled you the most? Obama's answer was in common fashion and quite predictable.  … [Read more...]