Checklist: What You’ll Need If Mother Nature Strikes

When Mother Nature rears her ugly head in the form of natural disasters like earthquakes, snow storms, blackouts and floods, it's crucial to be prepared for any eventuality. Doomsday Preppers may be a fun TV show to watch but the entire premise is worthy of note, even if on a smaller scale for the average folks. Failing to be prepared means you could be left behind when food … [Read more...]

A Dozen Blogs You Need To Bookmark (and WTF is Wrong With People?)

Today's topic was almost "What The F**k Is Wrong With People" after I read up on the stupid 18 year old snot who is suing her parents.  The list of people who have to be completely F'ed in the head is staggering:  Her parents (Mr and Mrs "I'm a lenient parent" share some of the blame, for sure), the friends father who is bank rolling the lawsuit, the lawyer who took the case, … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Survival Preparation For The Average Guy (or Gal)

Would you want anyone to consider you a "prepper?"  For a lot of people, the image conjures up some wild-eyed madman sleeping in a buried shipping crate in the middle of the desert. But you're not that kook. See, the media wants you to think that you're crazy for storing a little food, water and medicine for your family.  The main stream media wants anything even remotely … [Read more...]