Remember Why We Hate Obamacare! Watch This…

I have had recent conversations with a few strong conservatives regarding the real catalyst behind the Tea Party movement. I contend that the real fire was ignited when health care legislation was being pushed through Congress last Summer. But I have been reminded that the Porkulus bill was probably what set off the movement. The April 15th 2009 Tea Party was really what … [Read more...]

Congress is Lying or is Inept – Which is Worse?

I have been calling my Congressman relentlessly since Congress decided to go Socialist. In the latest reply from Gerry Connolly, I really got fired up. I am so tired of hearing Barrack Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the others explain that a competitive public option will help Americans and our health care issues. Since when does the Government have to "compete" with the … [Read more...]