$1.5 Trillion is Not Enough…Duh…

Breaking news!  A new headline at Foxnews.com reads:  "Bipartisan Group of Senators Call on Super Committee to 'Go Big' on Deficit Cuts."  These rocket scientists don't think $1.5 Trillion over 10 years is enough. Ya think? This entire thing stinks.  Smells like dirty feet.  Or maybe some rotten chicken.  Or maybe one of those stink-bombs that stunk up my High School … [Read more...]

Tax Those Sons of Bitches!

Tax the hell out the bastards! That's right - take it to em. Those undeserving scumbags have to pay! Stick with me here today…I am right close to a flat out, frothing at the mouth, rant. I'll do my best to maintain my composure... I watched a good bit of Obama's presser yesterday, and then I went over the transcript. Ack, ack, hack, arck…. Sorry - I was … [Read more...]