What Does Smaller Government Really Mean?

Smaller government is the foundation upon which conservative political philosophy is built. In this multi-part series, we’ll look at exactly what smaller government really means. Summary of What Smaller Government Means Reduced Spending - hard dollar reductions in government expenditures year over year. Fewer Regulations - at the end of 2016 there were 178,277 pages of … [Read more...]

Three Years of Devastation – The Obama Legacy

If you were trying to harm America, and you were President, what would you do? Would you impose draconian regulations on major industries? Would you constantly demogogue business? Would you pit American against American by appealing to envy and hate? Would you threaten to increase tax burdens on businesses? Would you squander your duties as Commander-in-Chief … [Read more...]

America, Land of Economic Freedom! Well, Sort Of…

When I think of the United States, i think of prosperity. I think of potential. I think of all the great things that could be. All because we're free. Like the proverbial child looking up at his Dad, saying, "One day I want to be President." Or maybe, "I'm going to be an astronaut." For most of my life, these visions of what could be was the essence of my … [Read more...]

Liberty Can Prevail – Lessons from the Past

How will we win?  How will we take back our country? Our government has become a fraud.  It is a corruption of the worst kind: that which is bred by not only ideologues, but power-hungry ideologues.  This is obvious to anyone who dares look toward Washington with even a hint of objectivity.  The government has become all powerful.  The States are subjugated completely, the … [Read more...]