President Obama is the Real Life Billy Flynn

I recently sat down to watch one of my favorite movies, Chicago, for the 127th time (or thereabouts) and I was suddenly struck by a bizarre revelation: President Barrack Obama, who learned the art of politics in Chicago, is the real life Billy Flynn. For those of you who need reminding – Chicago is a story of jazz, liquor, sex and murder in 1920's Chicago. Through the eyes … [Read more...]

It’s Nullification Or Nothing

Forget the Tea Party. It's nullification or nothing. Here's why: There is no Tea Party In reality, there's no opposition political party of any sort Moreover, there's no real representation either; and Indeed, there's no longer even a functioning Constitution. Wake up.  The fix has long been in.  We've been had.  So let's get real. First, the Tea Party's … [Read more...]

Why Are You Conservative?

What is it that makes conservatives conservative? I was reading an interesting article over at Entrepreneur's Journey this afternoon. Yaro Starak is someone I admire. He is a real Internet success story and has a ton of great ideas about business, entrepreneurship and being successful. In the post I read today, Yaro said: "Observe how you feel when you think about … [Read more...]

Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party (Slideshow)

We don't need any commentary on this, it speaks for itself.  There is an important point to be made about the media coverage of Occupy Wall Street, however.  The media wished for an arrest - a SINGLE arrest - at a Tea Party event.  The media spent three weeks covering an unsubstantiated story  about someone at a Tea Party spitting on a Congressman.  Meanwhile, the Occupy Boston … [Read more...]

We Want Your Money – Trailer

I can't wait for this...  Looks like it'll be fun to watch.  Check out this trailer... … [Read more...]