What, I’m Funny? What the F is So Funny About Me?!

Funny how? A little of both, I suppose...  "funny-funny" and also "so horrible, all we can do is laugh, funny."  And gag a little, I guess. Yes, I'm talking about Barrack Obama. Sure, you hear all of us conservative bloggers call him names...  Clown, jackass, comedian, Barry, and others.  But we've come to a point now where we actually have to analyze the humor in all … [Read more...]

150 Weeks of Unemployment? Really?

I had a fun time on the Christ Plante Show again this morning.  Sometimes I go into these things knowing darn well I'm going to infuriate someone - oh well.  The topic was the new bill to extend the current tax rates.  Of course, this bill has degenerated into a monstrosity that, in part: Keeps tax rates the same Re-institutes the death tax Increases the time people can … [Read more...]

We Don’t Need No Stinkin Jobs

Had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine while driving the other day.  We were talking about a woman he knows, named Sally.  Sally is 2 years out of college and recently laid off.  Of course, names, relationships and places have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.  The conversation went something like this... My buddy, John: Yeah, Sally got laid off 5 … [Read more...]

August Jobs Report – Unemployment Up to 9.6%

The jobs report is in and it's not good.  The unemployment rate went from 9.5% to 9.6%.  So what the hell is Obama talking about? In a jaw dropping statement quoted by Jake Tapper over at ABC, Obama said: “This morning, new figures show the economy produced 67,000 private sector jobs in August, the eighth consecutive month of private job growth.  Additionally, the numbers … [Read more...]

When Going is Tough – Conservatives Start a Business

How individuals handle adversity says a lot about their character.  With unemployment rates climbing to double digits in many areas of the country, we can get a interesting view into the character of those affected. Two weeks ago, I had the dreaded meeting.  First thing Monday morning, I was pulled into a conference room and given the standard HR pitch: "In an examination of … [Read more...]