The Constitution is Dead

General Welfare.  Seems simple enough, right?  These two words are the words that have been so perverted by evil men, together they are responsible for the death of the US Constitution. Okay, if not death, our beloved document is certainly on life support. The federal budget this year is some $3.7 Trillion. That is a LOT.  Here's some perspective.  If I count to 1 … [Read more...]

Liberals Think the Constitution is a Racist Document

We’ve seen liberals and progressives (or whatever the fashionable title du jour of Marxists is) try to both re-write history and craft new rules for governance as their twisted view of Utopian madness evolves. The former is meant to strip any sense of context from our minds and create a sense of disenchantment with our founding; the latter is so that once history is learned … [Read more...]